Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Golly Gee, This Tailgate RuledIt’s not every day the president comes to your tailgate. West Virginia University President E. Gordon Gee, that is.

As soon as folks spot the neat and dapper leader in his signature WV-themed bow tie, spectacles and blue-and-gold wingtip shoes, they begin jockeying for a photo op and a chance to chat with the kind-hearted, salt-of-the-earth president. (Is it too late for him to throw his hat in the ring for the White House?)

President Gee knows more about grassroots relationship-building than Kellogg’s knows about cornflakes. Wherever he goes, he’s greeted by a lively chain of well-wishers.

That’s because he truly fancies mingling with not only the fans and students, but all the people of West Virginia. And, obviously, the feeling is mutual. See for yourself in these pics.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Golly Gee, This Tailgate RuledIf you’re reading this President Gee, thanks for stopping by the gold lot and brightening our day even more. You’re a rock star.

And this also happened…

A couple from Boston found their way to Morgantown and our tailgate via this blog. Being native Bostonians, Aimee and Steve Brady don’t have any ties to the state or WVU, but since Steve is working in Charlottesville, Va., they decided to experience the wild and wonderful, gold-lot tailgate after checking out my blog.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

The experience more than met their expectations.

“Andy, we loved everything,” Steve said. “Your website was a godsend. We knew that we wanted to get to the gold lot because of the site. Tailgating was amazing with an incredible mix of adults, young adults and students. There was no BS, just peddle-to-the-meddle tailgating. We met a bunch of good folks. It was better than any other place we have tailgated.”

Among the good folks they met – yeah, you guessed it – President Gee. After I told him about the Boston couple making their first trip to a WVU game, he made a point of introducing himself and chatting with them a bit.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate RuledIt’s just that type of esprit de corps that causes my heart to spill over with Mountaineer pride.  Walk through any lot on game day and you’ll feel the love of Mountaineer Nation like the sun on your face.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Singing Piano Man, another family tradition

And, boy, was there plenty of sun last Saturday. But the sweat-oiled, hot day didn’t keep us from enjoying our fun and games.
Golly Gee, This Tailgate RuledGolly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled

Even the Youngstown State fans across from us joined in the fun.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate Ruled img_6255webAnd, as is Mountaineer family tradition, we formed a circle and sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads” before heading to the stadium.

Golly Gee, This Tailgate RuledGolly Gee, This Tailgate RuledGolly Gee, This Tailgate RuledAnd to top off the day, our Mountaineers iced the Penguins in a 38-21 victory.

And, what did Steve and Aimee think about the game atmosphere?

“The game was out of control,” Steve said. “The crowd never stopped cheering. The fans were passionate and knowledgeable, which you don’t see everyplace. Singing at the end was the icing on the cake. The experience is everything people hear of and more. We will be back!!”


  1. laurie.schueler@gmail.com'Laurie Schueler says

    Can’t wait for those Country Roads to take me to Morgantown Nov. 5 for the Kansas game. I hope President Gee makes a trip to the Gold Lot. I want a pic with the best college president around.

  2. sschenk2@gmail.com'Suzi says

    Love it!! You had me from the headline…Golly Gee…what a fun tailgate, president and post! Looking forward to wearing my gold and blue with my favorite WVU friends this fall! :)

  3. GWBIKES@prodigy.net'Gaile Wilkinson says

    Hi Andy, I’ve got a problem. I took advantage of the MAC special for the Kansas State game Saturday October 1st. I’ve have one ticket available and I’ve exhausted all my possibilities for someone to go with me! I thought of your blog so am contacting you to see if you know someone who would like to go to the game. I live in Hartville and would love to have someone to go along and chat with and enjoy the game. If you know someone please let me know. Thanks for your help!

    • Andrea Joliet says

      Hi, Gaile. I wish I could help but I don’t know anyone who could go with you. My friends in Hudson who were going to go to that game had to back out. If I hear of anyone, though, I’ll let you know. Good luck!

      • GWBIKES@prodigy.net'Gaile Wilkinson says

        Thanks for your reply. I did post on Facebook today to friends & family. Until I tell you otherwise, the ticket is still available. If someone is available they could text me at 330-858-9940, I don’t answer phone calls that aren’t in my contact list!

        • GWBIKES@prodigy.net'Gaile Wilkinson says

          As of this afternoon, Wednesday, the ticket is spoken for. I’m hoping that my guest can leave early enough that we can stop by and see you guys before the game. This time I know where to find you!

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