WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeI have never attended a class at WVU. I am an Ohio girl and never even thought about West Virginia for much of my life. The Sunnyside phenomena and the Pit all had to be explained to me long after the fact. I have to use my GPS to get my frosty fishbowls at Mario’s. I was raised by a diehard Buckeye fan to worship Ohio State football.

Despite all of that, I love my yearly pilgrimage to Morgantown and last weekend’s game vs. Kansas embodied all that I love about WVU football.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeHow much do I love WVU football?

Let me count the ways.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeArriving at the Gold Lot before the sun did for a 7 p.m. game. Reveling with good friends and making new ones while soaking in the sun on a beautiful fall day. Taking in the great Morgantown scenery while belting out “Country Roads.” Wiggling my fingers and grunting on every first down just like a true Maniac.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeThis tradition began about 11 years ago and I have my friends Andrea and Dave Joliet to thank for it. We headed down to Morgantown on a whim to check out all the gloriousness Andrea experienced as an undergrad.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeMany years out of college, I had to wonder if she was over selling us on it all. I figured we would huddle by our car, eat some pepperoni rolls, drink some beer and head to the game.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeThe reality is I was amazed at that experience, just like she said I would be. We were embraced immediately in a giant WVU bear hug by the students in the lot.

I felt like a college kid again. And my football yearnings were completely satisfied by the electric atmosphere at Milan Puskar Stadium. In short, I had a blast and couldn’t wait to experience it again.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeSo there we were in the Gold Lot again on Saturday, a chilly, misty morning before the crack of dawn, anticipating another great game day. Each year I think, “It can’t be better than last year. That was absolutely perfect.”

But the fact is, each year the experience deepens and expands. The loyalties grow stronger. This tradition is something that builds on itself and becomes greater each year.

I simply love every second of it. It is fun to watch the “Hillbilly Haulers” file into the lot and set up shop while munching on one of Dave’s delicious egg sandwiches, and that was just the start of the delicacies that emerged from his grill.

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeFueled by the warm autumn sun, chili and meatball sandwiches, soon I was dancing like no one was watching with fellow fans. There’s just no better place to drink craft beers and jello shots than with my friends under the PRT in the Gold Lot. A thorough walloping of the Jayhawks was the crowning moment of another fantastic day.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds for my Mountaineers. As I watch the games from my home in Ohio, I will be rooting for not just the football team, but also for the wonderful fans and students I meet there every year. I am already counting down the days until my next excursion to Morgantown.

Here are just a few more highlights from throughout the day.

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

Pete experienced his first American tailgate. We dubbed him WVU’s British ambassador.

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

A little cloudy with the chance of meatballs

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

Meatball subs!

WVU Confessions from a Buckeye

WVU Confessions from a BuckeyeWVU Confessions from a Buckeye


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