True-blue fans over the moon on game day

whitney-me-missyFor the second Saturday in a row, West Virginia messed with Texas, and Mountaineer fans spent a glorious November morning pregaming.

Dave and I had quite a crowd joining us at our tailgate. In addition to our normal crowd, my sister and brother-in-law as well as our friends Laurie and Hank came from Ohio. Six other friends also came in as part of their annual trifecta of a guys’ weekend, which included a Pittsburgh Penguins game on Friday, a Mountaineer game on Saturday, and the Steelers on Sunday.

WVU vs. Texas tailgate

With the excitement of a gridiron battle against the Longhorns, we were high as a hog all day. We chewed the fat with our Mountaineer family and watched as the gold lot sprang to life like a page in a pop-up book.

Tailgate takes

The crisp, November day had all the fixins of a spectacular tailgate. Although noon games are hard, we still served up healthy portions of ribs, steak, chili, stuffed peppers and pierogies. And lots and lots of beer.

WVU vs. Texas tailgate
grilling-steaks at WVU vs. Texas tailgateWVU vs. Texas tailgateRibs for the WVU vs. Texas tailgatewhitney-eating-ribsWVU vs. Texas tailgate

We spent the day eating, drinking and being merry. Our game-day atmosphere is heads-and-shoulders above the rest, with the liveliest tailgating fans east (and west) of the Mississippi.

WVU vs. Texas tailgatelaurie-and-melaurie-and-hankmissy-and-ricktailgatingIMG_5206missy-and-whitneyIMG_5178 (1) group-selfie WVU vs. Texas tailgateWVU vs. Texas tailgateAnd the best part of the day, we got to sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in the stadium with tens of thousands of our closest friends. It was horns down as we whipped Texas 38-20.

And as further proof that Mountaineer pride is lively and infectious, I want to share these tweets from a Texas fan who made his first trek to the great state of West Virginia for the game. He promises he’ll be back.

WVU fans have unbelievable hospitalityTexas fan tweet about Mountaineer fansTexas fans at WVU tailgate

So while their hearts may be in Texas, much like our Texas Tech fans last week, they’ve also taken a shine to West Virginia and the “unbelievable hospitality” of Mountaineer nation.

So this also happened…

Friday night as we were pregaming at Mario’s Fishbowl, we ran into 2 distinguished patrons. First, was golf pro Jim Furyk. (If only I’d made the quarter in the green vase, I think I may have convinced him to let me be his caddy. Ha ha!)

with Jim Furyk at Mario's Fishbowl

College Football Hall of Famer and former West Virginia QB Major Harris was also at the Fishbowl. He took us to the national championship my freshman year of college.

Missy and I with Major Harris at Mario's Fishbowl

Great things always happen at the Fishbowl, which is why we always spend our game-day weekends there. Cheers!

Laurie, Missy and I at Mario's Fishbowlfishbowl-celebrationmissy-rick-dave

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