The Andy & Dave Show (a.k.a. The Bomb-Tailgate-That-Nick-Stevens-From-CBS-Had-To-Cover)

Tailgating with my beautiful wife, Jill

Tailgating with my beautiful wife, Jill

Did I also mention bison chili?

Did I also mention Dave’s bison chili?

Seriously, there’s college-football tailgating, then there’s what Andrea (aka Andy) and Dave do,  and they do it bad-ass.



Omelettes with ham and homemade vegetables fried in bacon grease?
Hell yeah!

And that was just Andy and Dave tongue-teasing us with their deliciousness.This couple, in my opinion, should be crowned “The Best Tailgate of West Virginia University.”

I think CBS Sports’ Tailgate Fan Host Nick Stevens and his wonderful crew experienced the best-of-the-best, when it comes to West Virginia tailgating.

Can you see my head poking up in the back? At least my beautiful wife, Jill, got in the picture.

Can you see my head poking up in the back?

Hell, Nick was wearing a “Burning Down The Couch” shirt, which means “Burning Down The Couch” in West Virginian.

But back to the food- muah!!

The atmosphere – Cupid Shuffle, featuring Andy, Jill and Leslee, enough said.

The people – Friendly and friendly.

What I loved about the whole tailgate was what Andy and Dave always expressed: “If we have food, you have food. If we have drink, you have drink.” That mantra brought out the good, the bad, the ugly and the fuuuuugly, but it was all fun.


(L-R) Me, Matt, Leslee, Andy and Dave

Thanks Andrea and Dave!


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