Players score big with the ladies at WVU Football 101

WVU Football 101After spending Sunday afternoon at Fan Day, I couldn’t wait to attend the 4th annual Football 101 for Women at Milan Puskar Stadium. Hosted by the Mountaineer Athletic Club, this event teaches you some gridiron basics and gives you a deeper appreciation for how hard our boys work throughout the season.

We got to enter the field just like the team does, minus the shroud of smoke, cheerleaders and Mountaineer.

Entering Mountaineer field

A total of 115 women participated in the program, but we broke into smaller groups for the drills coached by the players.

That was my favorite part, followed by singing “Country Roads” in unison with the team. (My cameo is at the very end of the brief video clip.)

Afterwards, the coaches introduced themselves and we got to partake in more drills. I really can’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday evening.

Last year, the program began and ended at Touchdown Terrace, but this year, we got to start in the Puskar Center on the south end of the stadium. Seeing the inside of this beautiful and modern athletic training center gave me chills.

I got to sit in the comfy seats of the spacious, new auditorium, and we got a peek at the dining and study areas. But the highlight for me was walking through their impressive weight training facility and on to Mountaineer field like the players do on game day.


  1.'Carrie Smith says

    What a fun day!! Thanks for sharing your experience- hope to see you in Morgantown this fall. Let’s Go Mountaineers!

    • Andrea Joliet says

      Hi, Carrie. It was great meeting you. We always tailgate in the gold lot under the PRT, so stop by any time.

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