Nick at Night

group-at-fishbowlNick Stevens, host/producer of CBS Sports’ “Tailgate Fan,” is the Jimmy Fallon of Tailgate-hosting! This dude is amazing with the crowd.

In fact, when I saw one of his tailgate segments he did at Notre Dame that Andrea (aka Andy) sent to Jill and me, I told Jill, “I know that guy, he’s a comedian.”

Well, Nick is a talented guy when it comes to humor, fun and capturing the light-heartedness of what we do, when we do. Nick has been on VH-1 regularly when the station does its pop-culture humor and he kills it.

So when he showed up Friday night with his great crew at Mario’s Fishbowl to interview Andy, we were all *excited. (*See liquored up.)

Andy was funny. She did her homework and contacted Mario’s days before to inform them that Nick and the crew would be there. And when the CBS crew arrived, the patrons inside Mario’s had already received directions from Andy to “scream your asses off, dammit.”

OK, she didn’t say that but it seemed like she did because when Nick stepped into the joint, everybody “raised the roof.” And the great Mountaineer weekend kicked off.

group-at-tailgateThe next day at the “Andy & Dave” tailgate, Nick and his crew were back. Why? Because Friday at Mario’s was off the hook and Nick and the crew needed more cowbell (Andy).

It took Andy some time to get her boogie on, but she did. And so did a young whipper-snapper named Josh.

Anyways, Andy, Dave and the gang showed Nick and the CBS crew what Morgantown and West Virginia tailgating is all about and that is why you’ll see Nick Stevens and the CBS Tailgate Crew win an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award, given to Outstanding Achievements in Electronic Journalism.

Read Nick’s story “Where the country roads make you feel at home.”

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