Here’s Why WVU Should Be No. 1 in Best School Spirit

WVU vs. Oklahoma tailgateIt’s really no contest. School spirit is our stock in trade. You won’t find a more passionate and fiercely loyal collegiate fan base than West Virginia University students – past and present.

That’s why WVU should be ranked No. 1 in the 2017 Princeton Review college rankings for best school spirit, not second behind Syracuse. (Syracuse, really?)

WVU vs. Texas Tech tailgateThe rankings are based on one simple question: How popular are intercollegiate sports at your school?

The Business Insider article about the rankings notes that, “Mountaineers love WVU for its balance of academics and athletics. One student describes it: ‘[It’s] only something you can feel at a football game singing ‘Country Roads’ with 50,000 of your closest friends.’”

Amen to that. At West Virginia University, Mountaineer sports really unite the student body – as well as the people of the great state of West Virginia.

Our fervor for WVU and Mountaineer sports is hardwired into us. As students, you’re fed a hefty diet of school spirit and Mountaineer pride that’s unrivaled in college circles.

People always comment at what a diehard Mountaineer fan I am. But what other type of Mountaineer fan is there?

Now, let’s go.

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