Fans go the distance for the Mountaineers

Dave, Jill, Steve and me
Saying West Virginia fans travel well is like saying the sun is warm. The moon is far away. And Germans like beer.

Just ask my old college roommates and WVU alumni Steve and Jill Besendorfer, who traveled from Phoenix, Ariz., to Morgantown, WV, for a weekend of wild and wonderful tailgating and (for Steve) Mountaineer football.

And they do it every year. In fact, Steve does it at least twice a year. Not to mention the typical away game we go to every year (except, sadly, this year) and the bowl games.

Hanging at a WVU alumni party at Billy Bob's, the world's largest honkey tonk, in Fort Worth, Texas, the night before the WVU vs. TCU game in 2013. We beat them, 30-27.

Hanging at a WVU alumni party at Billy Bob’s honkey tonk in Fort Worth, Texas, the night before the WVU vs. TCU game in 2013. We beat them, 30-27.

Like the rest of Mountaineer nation, our passion for West Virginia University and Mountaineer sports is hardwired into us.

As students, you’re fed a hefty diet of school spirit and school pride that’s unmatched in college circles. So even though they’ve lived in Phoenix, Ariz., for the past 20 years, they still go to great lengths – and distances – to root for their Mountaineers.

And while Jill and Steve may have traveled the farthest for the West Virginia vs. Maryland game, many Mountaineer faithful go the distance for our beloved university and team. Ryan and Allison, who sit behind us in the stadium, come from Belmont, NC, to Morgantown for every home game.

Allison and Ryan of Belmont, NC

Dave and I drive from Stow, Ohio, for every home game. One of our friends, Bill Brash, used to drive from Freemont, NJ, to Morgantown for all of the home games. Heck, you can check off half the states in the license plate game just by driving in the small, hilly city on game weekend.

That’s Mountaineer nation for you. We have a prideful streak as wide as the sky, and we love our Mountaineers.

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