A guide for WVU fans traveling to Lubbock for Texas Tech game

Mountaineer celebrates TD by doing pushups with cheerleaders at WVU vs. Towson gameWhile I won’t be traveling the nearly 1,500 miles to Lubbock, Texas, for this weekend’s game, I’m sure there will be a dedicated contingent of West Virginia fans who will be there to cheer on our Mountaineers.

So for those folks, I’ve compiled a list of interesting factoids and videos about the university that sits in the heart of the South Plains. (Get a preview of the matchup between the Mountaineers and Red Raiders.)


As with West Virginia University, traditions play a crucial role in the culture of Texas Tech University.

One of the most exciting traditions is the grand entrance the Masked Rider makes onto the field at the start of the game. The Masked Rider is striking in a black gaucho hat, black mask and scarlet rider’s cape.

For about 60 years, the Masked Rider has served as Texas Tech’s primary mascot. The rider is a living symbol of the school’s Western heritage and pride.

But since you can’t take a horse just anywhere, Texas Tech created a second mascot, Raider Red. This costumed gunslinger looks like a red-headed Yosemite Sam doppelganger.

Raider Red mascotThe spunky Raider Red shoots his two 12-gauge shotguns every time Texas Tech scores. So let’s hope his shotguns don’t get fired much Saturday.

Another Texas Tech tradition is keeping Raider Red’s student alter ego a secret until the end of his or her tenure.

Texas Tech's slogan, Guns UpIn line with the gun-toting mascot is the Guns Up hand signal greeting and victory sign. Red Raider fans just simply make the gesture for “Bang! Bang!” to signal Guns Up.

Texas Tech alum Glenn Dippel and his wife, Roxie, came up with Guns Up to counter the prevailing Hook ‘Em Horns gesture by Texas fans.


Texas Tech is known for its delicious and elaborate BBQ tailgates. Just check out the video below to see what I mean.

There are 2 main tailgates for Red Raider fans. The Student Government Association sponsors RaiderGate. Tailgating festivities include live music acts, games, and of course, plenty of BBQ.

Another wildly popular tailgate party is Raider Alley. At this tailgate, fans can shop for school merchandise, collect autographs and listen to live music. The Texas Tech Spirit Squad also holds their pregame pep rally here.

I’m not sure how welcoming Red Raider fans are to opposing teams, but if you’re looking for a good spot to hang out before the game, you can check out the restaurants and bars across from the Jones AT&T Stadium or a short walk away.

Find out the best places to go in Lubbock from the people who know it best in this ESPN Big 12 Guide.

It’s an early game so there won’t be a lot of pregaming, but hopefully, you’ll be celebrating a victory afterwards.

If you are going to the game in Lubbock, please send some photos/videos to wvutailgating@gmail.com.

Let’s goooo Mountaineers!

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