3 Reasons Why Morgantown Never Really Leaves You


Jessica (left) with a friend

A friend recently sent me a blog post about “Three reasons why Morgantown never really leaves you,” and asked if it was true. The blogger, Jessica Litras, is a WVU grad from New York who now works in event promotions in NYC.

After reading her story, I concluded that she nailed it. She touched on how it feels to be a Mountaineer and how that changes you forever. It intrinsically binds you to each other, to the school and to the town.

“Morgantown is the only place that allows you to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time,” she wrote.

The many comments she received on her story proves just how deep that connection to Morgantown is for WVU alumni all over the world – even as far away as Brisbane, Australia.

Anyone who’s ever gone to West Virginia University or even spent much time in Morgantown knows just how true her words are:

3 Reasons Why Morgantown Never Really Leaves YouAmen to that.

If you haven’t already read her story, I encourage you to check it out. It will evoke lots of nostalgia and get you even more excited for the start of college football when you can reconnect with ol’ friends.


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